2013 WCR Reference Book


Details of last year's WCR Reference Book (which will be updated for the 2014 race) can be found here.

Once reissued, please read the whole document through carefully, then pass on the parts that are relevant to your team so that everyone knows what is expected of them over that weekend.
We hope everyone has a really good experience, which is why we try to give you as much information as possible to ensure the race is a successful event. Key points as follows:
  • Everyone associated with the race must act in a considerate and sensible way to help ensure the event runs smoothly and safely.
  • Everyone needs to be fully briefed by their team managers so they are familar with the rules, their duties and safety matters.
  • Please help us combat traffic congestion by keeping the number of vehicles to a minimum - mini buses and transporters are advised.
  • Allow plenty of time to travel to the pre-race briefing and all stage starts as there is bound to be traffic congestion and hold ups.
  • Drivers should be fully briefed and are strongly advised not to rely on sat-nav. Accuracy of postcodes is not guaranteed so please use maps equally.
  • Please display your team number clearly in all the vehicles that you use (whether runners, marshals or supporters)
  • Instructions given by officials and marshals are mantatory, not optional, with penalties/disqualifications if ignored.
  • Mobile signal in some areas will be poor or even non existant. However please ensure contact phones are monitored in case of urgent messages. Register your contact names and numbers in advance.
  • Runners must know their individual squad numbers as well as team number. Write it on the back of their numbers, if that helps.
  • Runners must have two numbers, one on front, one on the back. Display F for female and V for veteran age runners (male or female). Hide both the F and V for senior men.
  • The roads will not be closed so Ipods/MP3 players or similar are not permitted for safety reasons, with penalties/disqualifications if ignored.
  • Only official feed stations are permitted on Stage 8 for safety reasons.
  • Runners are not to re-cross or block the finish areas nor run back along the route once they have completed their race. If they do this then they compromise their times and team position.
  • Stage 19 has been shortened (7.7 miles or 12.54 km).
  • Stage 20 now starts 10 minutes earlier than in previous years, at 1500 hours.
  • The weather may be inclement so please ensure everyone is prepared. Some routes are very exposed so runners will need adequate protection.
If you have any queries please get in touch, but please do read all the sections of the reference book first.
Best wishes
Amanda Thompson


2013 WCR Race Licence

Many thanks to Welsh Athletics for issuing the Race Licence for the 2013 WCR.

This can be viewed here

The 2012 WCR Reference Book

The 2012 WCR Reference Book is essential reading for all taking part in or supporting the Castles Relay. Electronic copies have been distributed to Team Captains and should be cascaded to all team members.

A pdf version can also be downloaded HERE (1.6Mb pdf file).

WCR veterans will see that we have revamped the Reference Book for 2012 in an attempt to make it a little more user friendly.  We've also merged what use to be some separate documents (drivers instructions, information for runners etc) into this one doc. Many thanks to Graeme Donnan, Ian MacDonald and of course Dick Brewer for all your hard work here.  Please also keep an eye on this page for updates which will be posted in the lead-up to the race.

The above version of the Refererence Book also contains details of a last minute route change to Stage 7 that we have had to make as a consequence of roadworks on the A470.  

Information about this and other updates can also be found in the...

Final Instructions Letter

which is being distributed to all Team Managers and Team Captains. 

Please read this letter very carefully! 

As at Thursday the 7th June, the key route changes and travel news is as follows:

Stage 1: The Urdd (youth) Eisteddfod is located 6 miles to the south of Caernarfon to the west of Penygroes. Last Monday there were severe traffic problems approaching the site, which have since been alleviated to some extent by the Police and Council. However, I would anticipate delays in the area around Caernarfon, especially at the roundabout where the A499 meets the A487 (6 miles into Stage 1). I would strongly recommend that you make arrangements so that your runners on Stages 2 and 3 have plenty of time to get to Penygroes and Criccieth.

Stage 7 – Dolgellau to Dinas Mawddwy. The carriageways on a section of the A470 have been reduced in width during the works and it is not safe for runners to be on the road with the traffic. An alternative route will be used out of Dolgellau and the race will join the A470 at Cross Foxes (2.8 miles). Race support traffic must use the A470 as usual and not the lane (Fron Serth) used by the runners. Please ensure that your runner on Stage 7 is aware that he/she MUST be prepared to stop at Cross Foxes and wait to cross the A470 until directed by marshals. Any runner ignoring the marshals instructions will receive a penalty of the Stage cut-off time plus 15 minutes.

Stage 10 Llanfair Caereinion to Newtown: The race will start at the junction of Watergate Street/High Street in Llanfair Caereinion (opposite church) on B4389 (far end of the town avoiding congestion on the bridge and main street).

Stage 14 Builth Wells to Drovers Arms:The race will start in front of the gate beside Jewsons yard (just beyond the roundabout).

Stage 19: A section of the Taff Trail has been closed between Glyntaff and Rhydfelin. Runners will, therefore, have to be diverted off the Taff Trail via the Rhydfelin Housing estate for a duration of 0.8 miles: after leaving the Trail head along Dyffryn Crescent, Dyffryn Road, Holly Street and Dynea Road and then re-join the Taff Trail. This diversion is marked with yellow arrows we are also attempting to have additional marshals here BUT Team Captains and runners are requested to familiarise themselves with this diversion and follow the yellow arrows.